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How Soft Key Works

    Soft key is a software protection method for Jazz Soft products. Jazz Soft product will verify the soft key and unlock the protection if key is matched.

  • System Requirements
    • Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Winodws Vista, Windows Server 2003, Winodws 7 or Windows 7 64-bit edition
    • Windows OS should be activated by Microsoft.
    • At least 1 network adapter.
  • Limitations
    • No virtualized Windows (e.g. Virtual PC, XP Mode, VM Ware, etc.) supported.
    • No hardware change (e.g. CPU, network adapters) allowed.
    • Do not upgrade, downgrade or reinstall Windows OS. But it is still OK to install Windows Service Pack.
    • Do not change Winodws product ID.
    • Cannot move soft key license form one computer to another one.
    • Jazz Soft never reissue soft key again for the same product ID.
  • Activation Procedure
    1. Launch 'Jazz Soft License Manager' and check to make sure soft key is available on your system environment.
    2. Purchase product from Jazz Soft or qualified retailer.
    3. Jazz Soft will send you Product ID by e-mail. Product ID consists of 20-digit characters.
    4. Launch 'Jazz Soft License Manager' and push 'Activate' button in order to generate Activation File.
    5. Send Activation File to Jazz Soft by e-mail.
    6. Jazz Soft will send you Key File by e-mail.
    7. Copy Key File to root directory where Windows OS system was installed. By default, it would be "C:\".
    8. That's it. Run Jazz Soft product.
  • FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
    • I purchased soft key for Savoy previously and would like to add soft key for Scat. Is is possible to activate multiple soft keys on the same computer?

    • Yes. Each soft key has different file name. Simply put all key files in the root directory.

    • I accidentally deleted soft key file. How can I restore it?

    • Please find the e-mail sent from Jazz Soft when you activated the product. If you couldn't find it, Jazz Soft can send you the e-mail again but it is exactly the same key file as before. Jazz Soft cannot reissue soft key for different Activation File.

    • Can I add notwork adapter on the previously activated computer?

    • Yes. This answer might surprise you, since no hardware change is allowed. However, you can add network adapter, but you can not get rid of network adapter.

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