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Dorian.Core is added. Dorian now supports .NET 6 and 7.

Swing ActiveX Control   

Swing ActiveX Control

    Swing is a software component to develop SECS-I (SEMI E4), SECS-II (SEMI E5) and HSMS (SEMI E37) compliant system software. Swing is intended for developing host-side software or protocol converter (pro-con) type software.
    If you want to develop equipment-side software, it is recommended to use bop.

  • Amazingly inexpensive - Starting at under $1300 without initial cost
    Almost all the GEM software supplier companies request you to pay multi-ten thousand dollers fee called "development license" before you start development. This is, for example, similar to " security deposit " when you rent an apartment, and usually landlord never return back after the contract is over. Another way to suck you money is " annual support contract ". Such companies will charge you money all the time.

    We never request such kind of additional fees. Support for your questions and provide version-ups for free of charge.

    In addition, other companies don't disclose retail price. We are explicitly showing our pricing on the web site. You do't have to get a quote separately. It is obvious how much discount you can get by ordering multiple licenses.

    Price - Swing
    # of Order @ Unit Price
    1~2 US$ 1,600
    3~9 US$ 1,400
    10~19 US$ 1,300
    20~ ASK
  • Any development language - VC++, VB, Visual Studio 2019

    GW-Associates product doesn't support Visual Basic, and WinSECS doesn't support C/C++ language. Swing supports any language which can work with ActiveX control such as Microsoft Visual C++, Visual Basic, C#, Borland C++ Builder, Delphi. Whatever development environment you can choose. Of course, Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 is OK.

    Either English or Japanese manual is available for Swing.

  • Free evaluation version - Try before buying

    You can download evaluation version at any time from our web site. Please try how good bop works. Of course, it is $0 (free). You can spend as much time as you want before buying product.

  • Quick development - Write in SML

    If development takes long time, human resource expense costs more even though the GEM product is very cheap. Swing has SML dynamic compiler engine inside, and user can describe message very simply. If number of lines in source code becomes shorter, development time will be also shorter and less chance of bug.

    Let't see how simple Swing is, comparing with GW-Associates SDR which is the most popular in semiconductor industry. This time I take C++ language.

    Visual C++ (GW-SDR)

    bool SendS1F3()
        Emesg.stream = 1;
        Emesg.function = 3;
        Emesg.wbit = 1;
        Emesg.length = sizeof(EMsgBuffer);
        Emesg.buffer = EMsgBuffer;

        SdrItemInitO( &Emesg );

        // Number of list item has to be determined. In this case, it is 2.
        if ( SdrItemOutput( &Emesg, S2_L, NULL, (SDRLENGTH)2 ) < 0 )
            return false;

        unsigned long lParamU4 = 5;     // SV : 5 Control state
        if ( SdrItemOutput( &Emesg, S2_U4, &ParamU4, (SDRLENGTH)1 ) < 0 )
            return false;

        lParamU4 = 17;                  // SV : 17 Process state
        if ( SdrItemOutput( &Emesg, S2_U4, &ParamU4, (SDRLENGTH)1 ) < 0 )
            return false;

        SdrRequest(SdrIdEqp, &Emesg, &Etkx);


        return true;

    Visual C++ (Swing)

    void SendS1F3()
        // msg.SetList("s1f3w{<u4 5><u4 17>}");
            "  <u4 5>"    // SV : 5 Control state
            "  <u4 17>"   // SV : 17 Process state

    Who can understand GW-SDR code at a glance? It is very hard, because programmer should "read carefully" to understand the content. Besides this, Swing code is very visual and intuitive. Even non-programmers can understand if they have seen SEMI Standards or communication specification.

    Moreover, comparing number of lines, GW-SDR code is 17 lines where Swing is only 2 lines. (Line feed code were inserted to improve readability in above example.)

    Swing programing method is much easier than GW-SDR. GW-SDR should know the number of list item before creating list, however, Swing automatically calculates by checking the number of content. This number confliction is one of the most frequently happening bugs. User becomes free from that.

  • High reliability
    For over 20 years Swing/bop/Savoy component families are used for host/equipment communication systems running at semiconductor factories such as:

    • Intel

    • SONY

    • IBM

    • AMD

    • Toshiba

    • Panasonic

    • Toyota

    • Sharp

    • Sanyo

    • NEC

    • EPSON

    • NASA

    • Mitsubishi

    • TSMC

    • Fujitsu

    • Denso

    • OKI

    • Sumitomo

    • Kawatetsu

    • Nittetsu

    • PSC

    • ProMos

    • Philips

    • Shinetsu

    • Renesas

    • Sumco

    • ON Semiconductor

    • Komatsu

    • Mimasu

    • Rohm

    • Siltronic

    • SOITEC

    • Linear Technology

    • Yokogawa

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