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Swing ActiveX Control   

History of Swing

Version Date Description
3.20d Mar,25th,2006 Calling Reply method automatically delete message body for HSMS control message. Added LogBakCount property and LogSize property to SwingHsms control.
3.20c Nov,11th,2005 Supported new HASP driver. Modified to keep compatibility with bop.
3.20b Apr,18th,2005 Added special version to set block number to 0 when message was sent as single block message by SwingSecsI control. Other versions use block number 1. This feature is only for compatibility with some type of sequencer. The other features are same as Ver3.20.
3.20a Mar,29th,2005 Added special version to change SML string expression to compatible with SECSIM-Pro by GW-Associates (currently it is a part of Asyst), when reading List property from SwingSecsII control. The other features are same as Ver3.20.
3.20 Feb,24th,2005 Added SwingComm control.
3.17a Dec,1st,2004 Bug fix. Some properties in SwingHsms control were not updated when Server property was True (passive entity).
3.17 Jun,14th,2004 Added variety of features.
3.14 Jun,27th,2003 Added variety of features.
3.11 Mar,5th,2002 Supported new Windows.
3.10 Feb,20th,2002 Added logging feature.
3.00 Jan,15th,2002 Released Swing media version. It is possible to move license by inserting HASP dongle key.
2.74 Nov,14th,2001 It is possible to display controls on Visual C++.
2.00 Dec,15th,2000 Released Swing2. Added HSMS feature. Fully compatible with English version of VisualBasic.
1.00 Jun,1st,1998 Released Swing. ActiveX control supports SECS-I and SECS-II features.
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