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Dorian.Core is added. Dorian now supports .NET 6 and 7.

Savoy ActiveX Control   



History of Savoy

Version Date Description Nov, 19th, 2014 Revised IEEE vendor database. Jul, 13th, 2014 Removed unnecessary logging features. Feb, 14th, 2013 Fixed the issue that SavoySecsI, SavoySecsII and SavoyHsms may hang up in case of defective message data. Jul, 18th, 2011 Modified Setup() method in SavoyGem. May, 30th, 2011 Modified SavoyGem for special environment. May, 1st, 2011 Fixed issue regarding S2F29 in SavoyGem. Dec, 14th, 2010 Added ALIDEnable, ALIDSet, CEIDEnable properties and RegisterCEID method to SavoyGem. Jul, 4th, 2010 Fixed the issue that sometimes MAC address was not recognized by soft key. Apr, 30th, 2010 Fixed the issue that SavoyHsms sometimes reported unnecessary T6 timeout when it is running as client. Apr, 22nd, 2010 Enabled Device ID setting in Setup screen of SavoyHsms. Apr, 18th, 2010 Fixed the issue that SavoyHsms sometimes reported unnecessary T6 timeout. Apr, 1st, 2010 Fixed the issue that outgoing message header was not exported to SavoyHsms log file. Also T3, T5, T6 and T7 timeouts are enabled on SavoyHsms setup screen. Feb, 18th, 2010 Reduced the size of incoming buffer in SavoyHsms, SavoySocket and SavoySecsISocket. Feb, 10th, 2010 Fixed the issue that linked-reports were not removed when user pushed OK button on Setup method in SavoyGem. Jan, 19th, 2010 Added soft key edition.
1.01f Dec, 28th, 2009 Fixed issue on SavoyLog; when both Date and Time properties are False, unnecessary line-break was inserted in log file. Version information in Savoy.ocx has been updated.
1.01e Dec, 25th, 2009 Added auto-correction for Block Number when Send method in SavoySecsISocket was called. Enabled HSMS property in SavoySecsII. Corrected improper description of documents.
1.01d Dec, 22nd, 2009 Improved throughput for SavoyHsms.
1.01c Dec, 21st, 2009 Improved throughput for SavoySecsISocket. Also screen updating issue was fixed.
1.01b Dec, 16th, 2009 Fixed the issue regarding on S2F35 for SavoyGem.
1.01a Dec, 7th, 2009 Increased buffer size for SavoySecsII. Fixed SML header issue for SavoySecsISocket control and SavoySecsI control.
1.01 Nov, 16th, 2009 Added SavoySecsISocket control and SavoyLog control.
1.00c Oct, 11th, 2009 Added DataBakCount property to SavoyGem control.
1.00b Oct, 8th, 2009 Fixed issue related to DataFileName property on SavoyGem control.
1.00a Sep, 19th, 2009 Fixed issue that user had to click once on SavoyGem control.
1.00 Aug, 25th, 2009 Savoy ActiveX control newly released.
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