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Swing ActiveX Control   

Programming Guide - Making a mini host in Visual Basic 6

This chapter, let's make a mini-host to describe programming technique using SwingSecsI Control and SwingSecsII Control. We use Visual Basic for the development language.

Specification of mini-host

The specification of mini-host is as follows. Equipment that this mini-host can handle is a ordinary wafer inspection system.

  • It is available to handle 'Attempt Online', 'Select Recipe', 'Start Process Program' and 'Measurement Data'.
  • Following messages can be sent:


  • Following messages can be received:


  • It is assumed that equipment has already been initialized and ready to use.
  • Does not concern about Stream 9 and Function 0.
  • Does not watch T3 time out.

Let's make a mini-host application

  1. Make new project
    Launch Visual Basic and select Standard EXE.

  2. Insert Swing ActiveX Control
    Select "Project" - "Components..." from the menu.

    Check on "Swing ActiveX Control module", and then press OK button.

    You will find that Swing ActiveX control has appeared in tool box.

  3. Paste ActiveX Control
    Paste SwingSecsI Control and SwingSecsII Control on the form. I recommend that you paste 2 SwingSecsII Controls for convenience, because you can treat incoming message and outgoing message separately.

    In addition, buttons and textbox are put properly (see above). Also buttons can be array for better code.

    I don't want to enforce you my programming style. These are all up to you and you can arrange by yourselves.

  4. Open serial port
    When you open serial port, let's write code in FormLoad Event. You can be ready to communicate right after the application comes up.

    .Active = True
    If Not .Active Then
      MsgBox "Error : Cannot open serial port!"
    End If

    This is a tiny sample code. I recommend that you put "Open" button and press it to open serial port, if you develop your system application. Sometimes it can not be opened properly, sometimes customer may not want to open from the beginning.

  5. Send 'Attempt Online' message
    If you send 'Attempt online' command, use Send Method in button pressed event handler function. We are going to use arrayed SwingSecsII Control indexed by 0 for incoming message and 1 for outgoing message. If mini-host sends S1F13 to equipment, that must be empty list.

    .List = "s1f13w{}"
    SwingSecsI1.Send .Msg

    Send Method in SwingSecsI Control requires Msg Property of SwingSecsII Control.

  6. Send 'Select Recipe' command
    To specify recipe, send PP-SELECT of S2F41.

    .List = "s2f41w{<a'PP-SELECT'>{{<a'PPID'><a'" + Text1.Text + "'>}}}"
    SwingSecsI1.Send .Msg

  7. Start measurement
    To start measurement, send START of S2F41.

    .List = "s2f41w{<A'START'>{{}}}"
    SwingSecsI1.Send .Msg

  8. Catch events from equipment
    When you receive a message, it is reported as Read Event. At the very beginning of this event handler procedure, set received message to SwingSecsII Control. Doing so will allow you to browse other properties.

    .Msg = pszMsg

    You will receive S6F11 from equipment. We handle only following CEIDs.

    10Recipe selected.
    11Recipe selection failure.
    20Measurement completed.
    30Measurement data.

    CEID is located at node '2'. First, we check this value, then do appropriate procedure.

    'CEID .Pointer = "2"
    Select Case CInt(.Value)
    Case 10
      MsgBox "Recipe selected."
    Case 11
      MsgBox "Recipe selection failure."
    Case 20
      MsgBox "Measurement completed."
    Case 30
      'Measurement data.
    End Select

    S6F11 is expecting for reply, so send binary 0 for secondary message.

    .List = "s6f12<b 0>"
    .Reply pszMsg
    SwingSecsI1.Send .Msg

    Besides this, you will receive S1F14 and S2F42, you can write the same kind of code.

  9. Run application
    Making mini-host has been completed. This is very simple but still has a minimum functionality as a host system. But entire source code is as short as 55 lines. It is very clear that it is more easier to develop software using Swing ActiveX control than without using it, if you write same kind of software from the beginning.

    Option Explicit
    Private Sub Command1_Click(Index As Integer)
      With SwingSecsII1(1)
        Select Case Index
        Case 0
          'Attempt online
          .List = "s1f13w{}"
        Case 1
          'Select recipe
          .List = "s2f41w{<a'PP-SELECT'>{{<a'PPID'><a'" + Text1.Text + "'>}}}"
        Case 2
          'Start measurement
          .List = "s2f41w{<a'START'>{{}}}"
        End Select
        SwingSecsI1.Send .Msg
      End With
    End Sub

    Private Sub Form_Load()
      With SwingSecsI1
        .Active = True
        If Not .Active Then
          MsgBox "Error : Cannot open serial port!"
        End If
      End With
    End Sub

    Private Sub SwingSecsI1_Read(ByVal pszMsg As String)
      With SwingSecsII1(0)
        .Msg = pszMsg
        If .Stream = 1 And .Function = 14 Then
          MsgBox "You are online"
        End If
        If .Stream = 6 And .Function = 11 Then
          SwingSecsII1(1).List = "s6f12<b 0>"
          SwingSecsII1(1).Reply pszMsg
          SwingSecsI1.Send SwingSecsII1(1).Msg
          .Pointer = "2"
          Select Case CInt(.Value)
          Case 10
            MsgBox "Recipe selected"
          Case 11
            MsgBox "Recipe selection failure"
          Case 20
            MsgBox "Measurement completed"
          Case 30
            'Measurement data
          End Select
        End If
      End With
    End Sub

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